Mr Thomas Mitchell

Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology


Research Interests:
cognitive development, numerical representations, spatial-numerical associations, age differences in cognitive processing

BSc (Hons.) Psychology- University of York, MSc Child Studies- University of Lincoln, PhD Psychology- University of Aberdeen (Submitting June 2014)


I gained a passion for cognitive developmental psychology whilst volunteering in a nursery/primary school during my days as a psychology undergraduate. The variability of learning, development, engagement and attainment really interested me. I was inspired to undertake an MSc looking into the development of prosocial moral reasoning in ASD and typically developing children. I was lucky enough to have access to this interesting group of individuals through my job as a learning support assistant at a secondary school. Post masters I accepted a PhD in Aberdeen which was tied to a teaching role in the department. This position allowed me to pursue two of m passions, research and engaging students in their learning experience. My PhD thesis concentrates on sources of variability in numerimore...

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