Kevin Henshaw

Senior Lecturer (Solstice Fellow)

Operating Department Practice

Faculty of Health and Social Care

MA Clinical Education BSc. (Hons) Psych & Biology PGCT&LHE, Cert.Ed. RODP


Kevin is a Senior Lecturer and Solstice Fellow with the ODP Programme who is based predominantly at the Ormskirk Campus. Kevin joined the ODP Team in 2006 after working at the Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery for a number of years. Kevin has worked extensively in the UK and abroad as an ODP and developed a keen interest in education after helping to establish an ODP Programme at the Rhyad Al Kharj Military Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An honours degree in Psychology and Biology ensured that Kevin was able to consolidate his formal teaching qualifications with a degree of academic rigor. Although Kevin has a keen interest in neuro-biology he also has an enduring passion for trying to understand how we learn. To this end Kevin was appointed as a teaching and Lmore...

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