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Two extracts from Inigo Byrne My World
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Two extracts from Inigo Byrne My World
Two extracts from Inigo Byrne My World
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A fine cambiata voice

This is one of the finest examples of a cambiata voice I have come across in recent times. Inigo Byrne was a former cathedral chorister who left the choir at the time his voice was entering the early stages of change. His singing coach for this professional recording pitched the Mozart Ave Verum, not in its normal key of D major, but a fourth down in A major. This was not a deliberate attempt to be cambiata - but simply the correct pitch to get the best from the voice. This illustrates perfectly the principle that in cambiata singing, the song must fit the voice, not the voice the song. The second extract is the opening of the Enya song May it Be from Lord of the Rings. It's included because it captures the resonance of the cambiata tone that would be missing were the singer to be struggling to retain his treble voice. It was partly on the strength of this album, My World, (Belerion label) that we chose Inigo to feature in the Boys Keep Singing film Riding the Changes.

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