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Swan Song

Three short clips in which two thirteen year old boys perform the treble duet from Greene's Lord, Let Me Know Mine End. The first is as it would have been heard at cathedral evensong. The second is the dry studio recording of the lower voice only (the "evensong" was virtual - the second voice was dubbed on and the two boys never met each other!). In this recording it is clear that the lower voice is in stage 3 of change. Although singing treble, the boy isn't really a treble any more. You can hear a clear passagio point on the E5 on the word "tell". This would be unlikely in an unchanged voice. The final clip is the folk song Waly Waly, which was recorded at the same time, but pitched down in the cambiata range. The boy (and his mother) was surprised by the resonance of the new voice that is sitting under the old treble here, but many English trebles never experience this, continuing in falsetto until they stop singing.

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