Professor of Sport and Physical Activity
Sport and Physical Activity
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Research Interests:
Sociology of sport, physical activity and health, Mental health and well-being, Youth sport policy and development


Andy joined the Department in September 2012 as Associate Head of Department and Professor of Sport and Physical Activity. His research interests centre on the sociology of sport, physical activity and health, with particular reference to youth and mental health and well-being. He is a co-author of five books, including most recently (with Ken Green) The Routledge Handbook of Youth Sport, and is currently working on numerous projects related to mental health, well-being and in community and elite sport. Andy is also a member of the University's Institute for Public Policy and Professional Practice and Institute for Creative Enterprise.

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Latest Additions

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  4. Propinquity, sociability and excitement: exploring the normalisation of sensible drug use among 15-16-year-olds in north-west England and north-east Wales
  5. Haycock, D. and Smith, A. (2012). A family affair? Exploring the influence of childhood sports socialisation on young adults’ leisure-sport careers in north-west England