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    The Students' Ideal VLE - Learning Edge (60 Minute Presentation Slides) The Students' Ideal VLE - Learning Edge (60 Minute Presentation Slides)

    Have you ever wondered what your students want from their Learning Edge (Edge Hill University’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) (aka Blackboard)), and how you may be able to provide it for them? This session is framed against a summary of student views informed by the 2011-12 Annual Student eLearning Survey, with session attendees activity encouraged to discuss and evaluate both their current use and potential future use, of technology in their teaching practice, against course evaluation rubrics. Throughout, you will also be provided with some firm examples on how you can realise some of the student wishes in Learning Edge. With a more comprehensive ‘Tips and Tricks’ handout available to take away, along with full copies of the course evaluation rubric (current and future practice) handouts to take away, it is hope that you will have a solid foundation to not only better reflect on your current use of technology, but also on how you may be able to enhance your practice in the future. Session Learning Outcomes include; An outline of what EHU Students want from their VLE An understanding and knowledge of how Learning Edge can fulfill some of the student wishes A review and discussion of how to evaluate your current online provision A discussion of how the use of technology could enhance your practice Practical support (Handouts) for the future application of the online course evaluation process

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