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LTD5006: An Introduction to Clicker Systems: For Peer Instruction and Interaction
This document has been created to introduce you to: - the variety of names used to refer to ‘Clicker’ systems - a number of potential uses for the systems - specific makes of system supported by Learning Technology Development, and which might be best for you - the scholarly literature related to using Clickers and similar tools

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Optivote: Part-Created Database with 95 Students
A database for use with Optivote. It contains a class list of 95 students and will be useful where more than one of the bags of handsets are being used.

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LTD5005: Clicker Systems - TurningPoint 2008
An introduction to TurningPoint and instructions on setting up presentation slides in it.

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LTD5011: Clicker Systems - Optivote
This document has been written to show you how to prepare an Optivote database for your sessions including presentation slides and classes, and how to set up and using Optivote in the classroom.

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Learning Technology: Classroom Technologies

Learning Technology Development guides related to classroom technologies.

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